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In other to ensure that there is a smooth functioning of Ketu South Municipal Assembly, management have organised a staff meeting for all staff to undertake the following activities;

  • Introduction of Hon. Maxwell K. Lugudor to the entire staff.
  • A brief presentation on the Channels of communication of the MMDA level by the Municipal Coordinating Director.

An open forum where staff have the opportunity to give suggestions and also communicate their grievances to management

The Municipal Chief Executive welcomed all staff present at the Durbar and complained bitterly about the attendance of staff. A plan was made by management concerning Christmas Bonus for staff but due to inadequate funds it was put on hold. The Municipal Chief Executive informed staff that he wanted to hold a party for staff but the time frame could not permit him to do so. He therefore told staff that he will think of what to do next in favour of everybody.

However, he emphasised on staff attendance and encouraged staff to be at the office even if they do not have anything doing. He also informed staff that the Regional Minister will be visiting the Assembly soon and they will be grading the Assembly.

The Municipal Chief Executive also spoke about staff that don not come to work and expect their salaries to be paid at the end of the month. He again encourage staff to assist one another in any way possible which by so doing will bring credit to the Assembly. And finally he reminded staff of the clean-up exercise the next day and urged all staff to be present. He thanked all staff for their efforts to keep the Assembly running.

After a brief presentation on the channels of communication, the Municipal Coordinating Director opened the floor for questions.

NFE officer said he was not aware of the meeting. In response to the question Director informed him that, the meeting was only for the Assembly’s staff and he was not invited because he is not an Assembly staff.

The Municipal Coordinating Director explained further to the Municipal Chief Executive that, his office is directly under the Ministry that is why he was invited or made aware of the meeting but when it’s extended management meeting he will be aware.

Rejoice Sefakor suggested that the next durbar meeting invitation should be a written document.

Georgina Blay also suggested that, they bring new books to the library. She also informed management that there is no security and that the locks are also not working and the library needs newspapers for the aged.

Attention was drawn to the washroom at the first floor which is in bad shape. The Municipal Environmental Health Officer answered that it was the Works Department duty to ensure that the washroom is functioning and in good shape.

The Municipal Finance Officer informed staff that, the Assembly system has procedures in doing things and any staff who brings request concerning money should pass it through the Director and Municipal Chief Executive to work on it and they should not leave it at registry. Issues concerning missing memos was raised. The Municipal Finance Officer suggested that a note book should be provide so that anytime there is a document it will be recorded and the one who brought and the one who receive the document will sign in the note book.

The Municipal Chief Executive agreed with the suggestion of having a note book to record documents. He stated that when he took over office, some people who did not receive their salaries and it was brought to him but there was nothing that could be done at that time.

The Municipal Coordinating director told the Librarian that he instructed the Engineer to check but he could not do anything so she should write to remind him. The Deputy Engineer informed everyone that the library is under construction and the constructor is working due to financial constraints. The Librarian informed management that, even the ones they worked on is still not in good shape. The Municipal Chief Executive in response informed the Librarian that staff from Ketu South Municipal         Assembly will visit the Library to assess the situation at the Library for further action to be taken.

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