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Over 15 communities in the Anloga District and Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region have been hit by tidal waves. The communities are Fuveme, Dzita, Akplorwortor, Agbledomi, Atsiteki, Anyanui, Atokor in the Anloga District, and Amutinu, Salakorpe in the Ketu South Municipality respectively. Many structures included newly constructed schools have been affected


A local guesthouse and lodging place called ‘Meet Me There African Home Lodge’, a healthcare centre and several other houses have rendered uninhabitable.

The main road along the stretch has been covered with sea water, making vehicular and human traffic difficult.

Farms have also not been spared, as many of them, have been submerged. At Anyanui for instance, tomato and cassava farms were also destroyed, a situation which is likely to affect agricultural production in the area.



The devastating incident, occurred around 4am on Sunday, November 7, 2021 and forced many of the residents to vacate the affected areas.

Speaking to Graphic Online, the Assemblyman of Agbledomi Electoral Area, Mr. Jasper Agbanator described the situation as devastating and shocking, as the people were taken by surprise, especially at the time it occurred.

He said the area is low and that, anytime the level of the sea rises, there is a resultant overflow onto the land.

Mr. Agbanator appealed to the government to extend the construction of sea defence walls to the affected areas. This, he believes, would go a long way to solve the problem.

A resident, Mr. Efo Komla Dodzi said “Everyone is in a state of worry because we do not know what to do because our farms have been swept away, and economic activities disrupted”.

Some officials from the District office of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) have visited parts of the affected areas to assess the situation.



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